Yesterday, in Paris, Kim Kardashian was tied up, gagged, thrown in a bathtub, and robbed of 1o million dollars in jewelry by four men disguised as police officers.

Yup, you read that right. But, how does something like this even happen? Where were her body guards? Her security team? Her glam team? Her reality TV show crew? How did she escape? Who found her? Were her kids with her? Is she okay?

Virtually every news source covered the story, even CNN. As a media frenzy followed the incident, more and more questions were raised. Was this a publicity stunt? Another “Lochtemess”?

The public had their doubts about the validity of the reported stories. But more than that, the public had no empathy. Comments ranged from “who cares” to rape jokes and even death wishes. These types of comments were so common, they prompted responses from other celebrities.

Why is wishing death on another human perceived as okay? Why was aggression, especially of the sexual variant, the popular response? Is Kim Kardashian no longer a human? Moreover, is she now public property?


She is arguably one of the most powerful celebrities in the entire world. Her products – TV shows, mobile apps, clothing, books, etc. – are consumed by millions of people. Even those who claim to hate her,”keep up” with her. Yet, when something terrible happens to her, she receives very little empathy.

The Kim Kardashian empire is built on over-exposed-ness. She has done a tremendous job of reclaiming her sexuality and her body, through magazine covers, Instagram posts, and even her husband’s music videos. She has shown the public so much of her personal and private life, that the public now seems to believe they own her, that she is, in fact, property. Possibly, more than any other celebrity, Kim K is criticized to the point of harassment.

Regardless of whether she posts nude selfies, speaks up about social justice issues (like BLM or the Armenian Genocide), or even gets robbed at gun point (i.e. Paris incident) – she always seems to be in the wrong in the eyes of the general public.

0630_forbes-cover-072616-celebrity-kardashian_1000x1292The general consensus seems to be that Kim Kardashian is a talentless waste of fame. And yet, she has 84 million Instagram followers, her reality show is on its 12th season, and her mobile app alone has brought in $100 million since its launch in 2014. Clearly, somebody is lying. A lot of people are, actually.

Aside from being the person we love to hate, who is Kim K? For one, she is an undeniably successful business woman. Lots of people have had their sex tape leaked, even more have had their own reality shows, only Kim Kardashian has managed to build a multi-media, multi-million dollar empire from/through it all. Give credit where credit is due, she is a badass businessperson.

Does this mean Kim K is a saint who deserves no criticism, whatsoever? Absolutely not. 

Let’s criticize her, but let’s do it for the right reasons.

Perhaps, we can talk about how she has normalized plastic surgery culture to the point of turning voluptuous body types into a caricature. Let’s talk about how her airbrushed images contribute to the misrepresentation of human bodies in the media. Or, how about the numerous ads on her Instagram for “waist trainers” and diet pills – all of which are bogus, dangerous, AND targeted to young women.

Let’s discuss how all of these things go against messages of body acceptance that Kim K often claims to support. Let’s call her out on it. Let’s expose her hypocrisy.

But, for the love of anything, let’s not wish her death or rape when she has a
gun to her head.