Not Thankful for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is coming up and once again, Native Americans are fighting for their right to land and to life.

As Native Americans are being tear gassed, shot with rubber bullets and water cannons, Americans all over the country will be gathering over a Turkey to celebrate how wonderful the pilgrims and natives were to each other. There is not even one ounce of authenticity in the story of the first Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is more than a lie. It is a coverup of sorts. It is glorification of genocide. And, with the Dakota Access Pipeline, the myth of Thanksgiving stings even more.

The native people of this (now referred to as “American”) land have never been respected. Even now, in 2016, their rights to land are being violated with the DAPL. The DAPL was rerouted through Standing Rock Sioux Reservation after the residents of Bismarck rejected it for health and environmental reasons. Now, with the NoDAPL movement, natives and allies, are attempting to do the same. The authority, however, seems to be saying that what is dangerous for the white residents of Bismarck is perfectly acceptable to impose upon the Native Americans of Standing Rock.

So, this year, while we gather for Thanksgiving and celebrate a holiday based on a story that never happened. Native Americans have found themselves dealing with a threat to their existence yet again.

Not Thankful for Thanksgiving

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